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Unleashing Brand Potential since 1865

Established in 1865 in Basel, Weitnauer Group is a trusted partner, with a rich heritage and legacy. What started as a small retail tobacco shop has today become a global company with deep-rooted Swiss traditions. Throughout its development, Weitnauer Group has gained the trust of suppliers and customers globally.

With a deep understanding of our partners’ evolving needs, Weitnauer Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions that meet all their requirements. In addition to the standard services, we go beyond to safeguard your brand, build trust, manage logistics, and secure your finances. Our bespoke offers meet the specific needs of every market, delivering first-rate support for all our stakeholders.

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With 159 years in distribution business, our accomplishments speak for themselves:

Supplied by 200+ Trade-Mark Owners, organized through 21 offices and 27 warehouses, by dedication of 472 full-time employees. 

We take pride in our wide network, serving clients worldwide.

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Weitnauer Group provides primarily business answers enabling brands to grow by reaching existing or novel markets via Distribution and Logistics solutions. Beyond that we, at Weitnauer, are engaged in the entire Brand Building process and its value chain creation. Our services list of services include, yet are not limited to:


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Whether you are seeking to expand into new markets or explore collaboration opportunities, we are open to your ideas and committed to finding the best solutions for your business. No matter what region you have in your mind, we can help you to reach out to it. With our in-depth experience in distributing goods and our dedication to perfection and transparency, we are here to support your growth and progress. Contact us today to explore the endless opportunities with Weitnauer Group!